Termatrac T3i

Termite Detection Radar

Thermal Sensor and Moisture Sensor

the Termatrac T3i is the most advanced device in the world developed purely to detect, confirm and track the presence of termites.
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Termite Inspection

Detection Report

Smart Pest Management Technology

By hiring Precision Pest Management, you can avoid escalating pest problems and take a proactive approach to keeping your Sunshine Coast home or business pest free..
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Peace Of Mind


Meticulous Application Techniques

Our meticulous application techniques ensure the non toxic chemicals are safe for your family, health, pets and the environment.
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Getting rid of cockroaches — one of Australia’s most common home invaders — and preventing their return is easier than you think, Contact Us long term prevention.


Pest Control

By hiring Precision Pest Management, you can avoid escalating pest problems and take a proactive approach to keeping your Sunshine Coast home or business pest free.


Termite Inspection

Precision Pest Management conducts Pest Inspection investigations and reporting in accordance with Australian Standard AS 4349.3 and a full written report is provided.


Precision Pest Management offers  pest control for the sunshine coast and commercial pest management to homes, body corporates and businesses. As a locally operated business we can deliver fast and reliable pest control services with scheduling to suit your time frame.

Smart Pest Management Solutions

What sets Precision Pest Management apart from other Sunshine Coast pest control services, is our attention to detail, personalised service and value for money.

We pride ourselves on providing Smart Pest Management Solutions for our clients  large and small.

Our highly trained pest control technicians are dedicated to the professional management of pests and deliver four step service solutions that go beyond the simple spraying of an infested area.

1. INSPECT: Understand the behavior of pests, rodents and termites and determine areas at risk

2. IDENTIFY: Investigate the source of the pest infestation and establish the most effective solution

3. TREAT: Implement the latest technology and up to date pest control methods to resolve problems

4. PREVENT: Provide preventative services to keep infestations from reoccurring and minimize further risk

At Precision Pest Management, our qualified, licensed technicians customise treatments by addressing the current infestation problems and the overall risk to your property to ensure that your pest problems are resolved as quickly as possible. Our meticulous application techniques ensure the synthetic chemicals used are safe for your health, the health of your children and pets.

We provide you with peace of mind, that our pest control services will eradicate and prevent your pest problems. In addition our pest control technicians will pro-actively recommend non-chemical ways to reduce the potential of further pest invasions.

Do you need your House or Business premises tested for Termites  on the Sunshine Coast - We have  The Worlds No. 1 Termite Detector

The only tool required to Detect, Confirm and Track the presence of termites.

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